Friday, 27 November 2015

Ten Weekend To Do's


So the working week has finished and the weekend rolls around, sometimes I feel like doing nothing but other times I try a tackle a list of things to do. Of course they are all beauty related.

  1. Clear out. I finding that clearing out your make-up can make you feel like your de-cluttering you life. Finding that old lipgloss you've had since you were 12, it definitely needs to be chucked in the bin, can feel like your decluttering your mind as well. Tidy space = tidy mind. 
  2. Clean brushes. I feel that this is a job a lot of people hate but I make it a bit more fun by putting some Justin Bieber to sing along to at the same time makes it a whole lot easier and makes the times go a lot more quickly. 
  3. Clean up. Going over everything with the duster, will make your storage seem brand new and will stop you from looking at muji every other day for new storage...well... at least for a week anyway. 
  4. Repaint nails. I find that by the weekend my nail polish from the week before has chipped in at least one place if not more... The weekend is the perfect time to look through your nail varnish collection and decide which one to wear for the week. 
  5. Beauty rejig. If you are anything like me, you'll have your everyday makeup in one bag and all the rest stored away. The weekend is a good time to choose new make up to try for that week or discover old faves. 
  6. Skin treat. I love treating my skin at the weekend, most weekends I will try to have a makup free day, in which I will try and smother my face in serums and masks to make it nice and hydrated for the week. 
  7. Make a wishlist. At the weekend I catch up on all of the beauty YouTube videos and blogposts I have missed during the week. I then create a huge list of things that I want, even though I hardly ever go on to buy them all, making a list is quite satisfying. 
  8. Get inspired. This goes along with no7, watching YouTube videos I like getting inspiration for new looks to try especially for going out out. 
  9. Fake tan. Like to take time at the weekend to tan. As a naturally ghostly white person I like to take the edge off a bit by adding a bit of colour to my skin. At the moment I am just using a gradual tanner as it gives just enough colour to last me until the next weekend. 
  10. Deep condition. If I'm not going out anywhere in particular, I like to take the opportunity to put a hair mask in. I leave it in my hair all day and all night and then afterwards my hair is nice and silky smooth afterwards. 

What's on your beauty to do list this weekend?

See you tomorrow!



  1. Love cleaning up its so fun!
    Charlotte //