Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Ebay Bargains: Brush Dupes


I thought today I would show you some dupes for some make up brushes from ebay. Make up brushes can be very expensive but ebay is a good place to go to get some cheaper alternatives. 

Mac 217 Dupe - RRP £20 (99p - eBay)
Although I already own a Mac 217, I could do with a few more just as I am lazy and cannot be bothered to wash my brushes so often, but when they are £20 its just not worth it. So here is an alternative which means I could have twenty for the same price. These brushes are perfecting for blending eye shadow seamlessly into each other to create the perfect eye look. 

Beauty Blender Dupe - RRP £16 (99p - eBay)
Although I do not have the real beauty bender I do have the Real Techniques version of it. So maybe if you want an even cheaper version of that then you should go for this one, with a massive saving on both of the proces. This sponge helps to blend foundation into the skin and gives an almost flawless finish to the skin, a must for when you are going out. 

Real Techniques Pointed Crease 201 Dupe - RRP £12 (99p - eBay)
This is another brush that I already have which I find perfect for doing blending eye shadow in the crease and also for applying any eye shadow under the eye. It just looks beautiful and applies the perfect amount. Being part of Real Techniques professional line it is a bit more on the expensive side but this dupe looks perfect. 

Urban Decay Naked Basic Double Ended Brush Dupe - RRP £18 (99p - eBay)
Another brush that I already have this one is perfect for if you are on the go and don't want to take loads of different brushes with you as this one has two ends to it. One for applying eye show and blending it in, I tend to find that if I have more colour I will just use different sides of the flat brush to apply them. The only problem with this brush is that I don't know how to store it with the rest of my brushes as I don't want the bristles to get damaged. 

BareMinerals Perfecting Face Brush Dupe - RRP £24 (99p - eBay)
This is a brush that I am very intrigued to try as I do not know how my foundation will react with it. I feel like they would just go down into the dip in the middle and that all the foundation will be absorbed. I am glad that a cheaper alternative is on the market so I don't have to waste my money on something that might not be very good. 

The total value of all of the luxury brushes added together would be £90. Now if you don't fancy spending all of that the cost of all the dupes addeed together comes in at £4.95. What a saving! Is there any brush dupes that you know of? Let me know. 

See you tomorrow. 



  1. There are so many amazing dupes on ebay!
    Charlotte //

  2. There are may have to do another post soon :)