Friday, 20 November 2015

Review and Swatches: Two Concealers


Trying to find the perfect concealer has become an absolute quest for me over the last few months. As there is nothing worse than having a concealer that does not match my exacting standards. So, here are my reviews on a couple that I have been testing.

Barry M Flawless Light Reflecting Concealer in 2 
I am in love with this concealer, and it has replaced my love for the classic Collection concealer. It is nice and light but has a good coverage to it and it does not cake up or crease. On the down side I think there are only two or three shades so not so good for darker skin tones. 

Maybelline Anti-Age The Eraser Eye 
Again, this has become one of my favourite concealers for under they eyes as the name would suggest. On a side note I have tried this on spots and red patches and although it is not terrible I feel there are better ones out there, such as the Barry M. This concealer I would recommend to literally everyone it is perfect for covering those dark circles.

So there we have it, short but sweet I suppose. I don't like to try too many new products at once as my skin is super sensitive. 

Do you have any recommendations? 

See you tomorrow!


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