Thursday, 3 December 2015

My Body Shop Picks

So if you are signed up to The Body Shop Loyalty Card like me you'll know that they are always sending out really good discount codes. I actually can't remember the last time I paid full price at The Body Shop, as there is a deal on so often. There products are really good quality and I am big fan of the skincare as well as the body care. 

So I though write a little post about my top picks from The Body Shop. 

First up is the Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil this is one of my favourite cleansing oils I have ever tried. It takes of all my make up so easily. It also lasts a super long time I have had mine since January I think even though I have used it nearly every day and I still have got the tiniest bit left. I think that is definitely worth trying for the price and the longevity. 

Next up along the same lines is the Camomile Waterproof Eye and Lip Make Up Remover. I use this when I have very heavy eye make up to remove it before I go ahead with the Cleansing Oil to prevent the panda eye effect. This is a part oil and part water mix so you have to make sure you shake it before hand as otherwise it is no where near as effective. 

The first of the coconut smelling products is the Coconut Hand Sanitiser. The coconut scent is one of my faves from The Body Shop and when I was younger I even owned the body spray. As I get on a lot of public transport I like to have a hand sanitiser with me wherever I go and a coconut smelling one is just the best.  

Another essential for me is a hand cream as there is nothing worse than having dry hands and not being able to do anything about it so the Almond Hand and Nail Cream does the job for me. It nicely moisturises my hands while making them smell lovely, probably my second favourite scent to the coconut scent. 

The Coconut Body Butter I have been using for what seems like forever. I think it has been ten years since I had my first pot and I haven't looked back since. This is a fave with a lot of beauty bloggers and for good reason it has a delicious scent and moisturises your body the perfect amount that you still feel moisturised for hours later. 

The Drops of Youth Wonderblur is a lovely primer that apply before my make up. Although I do not use it everyday (as I am too lazy) but when I do use it it creates a lovely base and I always tell myself to use it more often. It has no colour to it and is like somewhere between a gel and cream, it makes your skin look like it has a filter on it. Perfect for achieving the Victoria Secret look. 

The Drops of Youth Bouncy Sleeping Mask  is an absolute life saver, whenever my skin is just feeling just a bit dehydrated I put this on instead of moisturiser at night and my skin is so soft and hydrated when I wake up in the morning it is a miracle. Although this is more on the expensive side the tub is so big and you have to use so little that it will last for so long. 

Last but not least is the Frosted Cranberry Lip Balm. I know this is a Christmas product I am sure that all of the Body Shop lip balms are similar. This is just so nice and moisturising and this one in particular has a nice red tint to it, which makes it a little bit nicer than just a plain one.

What would you recommend from the Body Shop? 

See you tomorrow. 



  1. Oooo you got some good bits I've not heard of before!

    Jodie @ Jodetopia x

  2. How have I never tried any of these before? I'm such a huge fan of The Body Shop, thier shower gels are amazing!

    Sempiternal Adventures

    1. Oooo I forgot to mention the shower gels, deffo need to try these