Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liners: My Top Picks

Another week another lip liner post, but I have well and truly fallen back in love with lip liners and one of these was my very first lip liner. 

The two in question are from the Rimmel Exaggerate Range, they roll up and down which is good as it means that they do not require a pencil sharpener. 

I don't know what it is about these liners but they are just my favourite they have good staying power and the softness of it makes it really easy to overdraw your lips with and for the price - £3.99, well..... you just cannot beat it. 

The nude one East End Snob is my all time favourite and I think this is either my third or fourth one now I just love it. I have also been getting a lot of use out of the red one Red Diva now that the festive season is upon us. 

If there is one negative about these lip liners is that I think I find them a bit too soft and if I am a little heavy handed I end up snapping the bullet, which is probably why I have been through so many of the East End Snob, but it probably serves me right for trying to be so heavy handed with it. 

What colours would you suggest from this line?

See you tomorrow.



  1. I LOVE Rimmel exaggerate lip liners! I use the baby pink snob i think 063 to go with my Mac Mehr :)

    Shelise xx | SHELISES WORLD

    1. Oooo I have added that to my list I feel like I need them all.

  2. I only ever use a red lip liner because nudes/pink seem to just glide on when applying. Definitely going to look at Rimmel lipsticks this week in Superdrug - one of my favourite brands.

    Lovely post.

    Emma Louise xx