Monday, 21 December 2015

Gift Guide for Men

So I know this is very late on before Christmas but there are still a few days to get a few last minute items and I thought I would put a few on here for you to help you out. I find men are the hardest to buy for my opinion - they don't ever want anything. 

So here are a few suggestions that I though you might find helpful. 

Novelty Table Tennis Set £12, Beer and Food Book £16.99, Mens Shoe Shine Kit £12, Atkinson 24 Old Bond Street Shower Gel £29, Mandara Spa Everyday Essentials Kit £4, Shaving Set £95, 101 Sandwiches £12.99, Breaking Bad Box Set £55.40, Gucci Gulity for Men £49.

I hope this helps, even if you don't buy the exact things that I have suggested I find that looking at gift guides always helps sparks more ideas. 

See you tomorrow. 


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