Saturday, 28 November 2015

My Beauty Haul


So last week it was my birthday, of course this meant that I decided to do a bit of beauty shopping (obvs). Being a bit of a newbie to blogging I have been taking part in a lot of blogger chats on Twitter (@JessieLou33 if you care) and this has made me write a list so long on my notes pages on my phone that I barely know where to start with. Here is a selection of things that I picked up when I went into the aisles of Boots and other such places that I am excited to tell you about...

The first product in my haul is this Ted Baker Body Wash. I have never tried Ted Baker body products before and so when I browsing Boots, these beautiful products caught my eye. The packaging alone is beautiful and could probably persuade me enough on its own as I am a lover of pink. The smell is also divine it is quite fruity and floral smell and is described as a mix of grapefruit, mandarin, mango, neroli, jasmine, patchouli, sandlewood and musk. Personally I think it is the jasmine that makes me like it so much as that is one of my favourite scents.

On a similar sort of vein this is the matching Ted Baker Hand Cream. This has the same brilliant scent as the body wash but in hand cream form. The one that I have is perfect for fitting into any handbag due to its small size although I can't find the small one on the website so it might just be in store unfortunately, Now all I need is the matching body spray and I can smell of the divine scent all of the time. Maybe that will be next on my list.

The next product that I have bought is the Maybelline Baby Lips Dr Rescue in Coral Crave. Although I have bought baby lips before in the normal range and was not too impressed with them I still wanted to try the Dr Rescue range. I don't necessarily want it for the colour pay off although I am big fan of a nice coral colour. I wanted it to see if it would moisturise my lips and keep them moisturused. Although I am yet to try it so I will get back to you on that one.

After reading up on what make-up Little Mix were wearing in the latest music video, I had to run out to the shops and buy these two products. I was actually surprised at how many drugstore products that they used. First up is the Barry M Light Me Up Highlighter, which is a lovely golden highlighter, which is perfect for the cheek bones. I have also used it to give me a bit of a sheen on my eye lids too when I can't be bothered to apply proper eyeshadow. It makes the skin nice and radiant and like you have a glow from within.

The last product in my haul also my Barry M is the Barry M Make Me Blush Cream in Rhubarb Crumble. This is a lovely natural pinky flush of colour that is not too obvious. As it is a cream formula you make it blend easily and seamlessly into the skin, to make it look very natural. I use a stippling brush straight away after I place the blush on my cheeks to blend it in. I like this so much that I may have to get the other two colours as well.

Is there anything that you have bought recently? Tell me in the comments below what you bought, so I can make my wishlist longer.

See you on Monday!



  1. That Ted Baker packaging is beautiful, I haven't tried anything by them but I seriously want one of their wash bags, they're just dreamy! Those Barry M products look great too, I may have to pick them up when I next stop off in Boots, especially the highlighter! It looks like highlighter heaven, I'm really loving a heavier highlight that liquid highlights give at the moment, I've been using a Seventeen one! Lovely post Jess x

    Ami | perksofbeingami

    1. Yes they are beautiful and the scent is beautiful too. I'm sure I will be getting more for Christmas. The highlighter is gorgeous the only problem with that way too much comes out at once :/ I have the Seventeen one too but deffo prefer this one. Thanks Ami x