Wednesday, 2 March 2016

What I Ate Wednesday {02.03.2016}

So today I have my first ever What I Ate Wednesday, I thought this would be a nice change from my fitness posts that I have been doing recently. 

Breakfast (6am): For my breakfast I have a bowl of porridge made with semi skimmed milk, four dates chopped up and a pinch on cinnamon. This is my usual breakfast that I have in the morning, as it is very filling and the dates are super sweet, I actually cannot believe they count towards your five a day. I also have a pint of water with my breakfast. 

Snack (11am): I know this is quite late for a snack, but I was so hungry and couldn't wait the extra hour until lunch. So I had seven cherry tomatoes with cream cheese in the middle of them. I try not to put too much cream cheese inside as I still want to be healthy. During the time between breakfast and lunch I drank 500ml of water. 

Lunch (12pm): For my lunch I had a lovely salad which consists of rocket, pepper, avocado, cucumber and feta cheese with a little lemon juice over the top to try and keep it fresh. I also have a wholewheat pitta with it as I can't not have carbs. I actually didn't manage to eat all of this, obviously I thought I could eat more than I actually could. 

Snack (2pm): I always like to have a fruit salad in the afternoon, I think all of the good sugars are nice pick me up for the rest of the afternoon, in todays one I had mango, kiwi, raspberries and blueberries. I also have 200ml of water and naughtily I also had a can of diet coke. If anyone has any ideas on how to get me to stop drinking these, I'd love the advice. 

Tea (7pm): For dinner, I had a rather simple of meal of chicken with lemon and black pepper, half a jacket potato, with carrots and cabbage. Sorry about the quality of this photo but I was so hungry I was desperate just to start eating. And, also yes, that is a ridiculously big piece of chicken but it tasted so good. I also had another 400ml of water with my tea. 

After my tea was also when I did my workout I usually allow an hour before I start working out. I did a 100 high knees, a two mile run and Lucy's Lower Body Quick Workout. I also drank another 400ml of water whilst doing this. 

Dessert (9pm): After my workout, I felt like I needed a little treat so I treated myself to four chocolate hob nobs, I know this is probably not the best post-workout snack but it was very tasty and that is all that matters, right? I also had another 400ml of water. 

What did you eat today? 

See you soon. 


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  1. I feel this is very Anna inspired, I love it!! The snacks of tomatoes and cream cheese is genius, I'm definitely pinching this idea, thank you for posting lovely.

    Hannah xx