Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Baking Brownies

Last weekend was my brother's last weekend before he went back to university for the next semester. So as a treat to myself (meant to be as a leaving present for him) I baked these delicious brownies. Although we still have some food left over from the Christmas period these were a welcome change from all the Christmas cake we had been having. The recipe that I always go for is from Amelia Liana's blog here, which really is the best brownie recipe ever. We had some straight after they had been taken out of the over when the chocolate was still all melty and the brownies were nice and soft. Nothing better. Although I would recommend always heating it up before eating as it the chocolate chunks can get quite hard, especially if your house is as cold as mine I used white and milk chocolate but I would imagine that if you used dark chocolate they would also taste just as delicious, just not everyone in my family like dark chocolate. 

Have you got any baking recipes to try out would love to know. Think I am going to try peanut butter brownies next. 

See you soon. 



  1. omg they look delicious!! Now I really wanna make me some of them...