Friday, 8 January 2016

Fitness Friday #1

So it is that time again Fitness Friday. This week I thought I would share with you my workout routine for the week, as I would find it really interesting to know what people get up to for their fitness routines. Although I am mostly following Lucy's intermediate fitness calender, I do like to change things up a bit. I also do all of my workouts at home and with no equipment unless otherwise written as I am tight with my money and lack motivation to actually get to the gym. As this is a Friday post I will go from last Friday until yesterday. 

Friday - 
100 high knees
6 Minute Thigh Hiit Workout - Lucy Wyndham-Read
Gentle Yoga - Yoga with Adriene 

Saturday - 
100 high knees
Belly Fat Burner Hiit - Fitness Blender (this was so so hard, will deffo need to do this again when I am bit more fit) 
I did my own series of stretches as a cool down. 

Rest Day 

Monday - 
100 high knees
Hiit That Booty - Lucy Wyndham-Read (Cannot wait to do this again next week and improve on this week. This was much harder than it looks)
Relaxing Yoga for Stress and Sleep - PsycheTruth

Tuesday - 
100 high knees
15 Minute at Home Bodyweight Cardio Interval Workout - Fitness Blender (Omg the burpees) 
3 Minute Arm Workout - Lucy Wyndham-Read
Fitness Blender Upper Body Stretching Routine - Fitness Blender

Wednesday - 
100 high knees
Calorie Melting and Total Body Chair Workout - Lucy Wyndham-Read
Yoga Camp Day 5 - Yoga with Adriene (Who knew sitting could be so painful!) 

Thurday - 
100 high knees
Hiit 2016 Workout - Lucy Wyndham Read (Twice!!!!! Deffo hardcore) 
Yoga Camp Day 6 - Yoga with Adriene 

This week has been hard but not ridiculously hard, I can't wait to see if I improve next week. Now that you have taken a look at my fitness routine,I thought a share a few more health and fitness tit bits. 

Instagram accounts to follow - this week I have started looking for more health and fitness instagram accounts (leave yours down below, I don't believe you can ever be following too many insta accounts) are @averagejoefoodie and @tammyhembrow. Hannah from averagejoefoodie posts every single meal and snack she eats on there and it is really good for meal inspiration and Tammy has just got a beautiful body and I use her for fitness inspo. 

Healthy food - last week I told you I ordered a hand blender to make soups for my lunch and so on Sunday I had my first attempt at making one. I went for Moroccan chickpea and although it did not go brilliantly it still tasted good.  To make it I cooked celery, onion, garlic and cumin in a pan until browned. I then added vegetable stock, plum tomatoes and chickpeas for around 10 minutes added some frozen broad beans and done. And it actually tasted good. 

I also started having a snack after my tea of greek yoghurt and fruit and it is actually so satisfying. 

Gym Gear - now here is where I need some help from you guys, I need some nice new gym gear to workout in as however low this may sound it really motivates me to have new gym clothes. 

Let me know what you want to see in next weeks post, as I feel it may get a bit repetitive although obviously it changes every week and remember to leaves ideas for gym clothes. Sorry there is no progress pic, hopefully there will be one next week. 

See you tomorrow. 



  1. You've made my week, thank you so much lovely. I've been keeping me eye on Yoga camp - Yoga with Adriene, I'm rubbish at Yoga but I've been thinking of starting from scratch. How are you finding it? I highly recommend H&M for workout gear, they have some gorgeous things. I've also been loving Sports Direct I've found some gems in there. I'm so impressed with this work out, it looks really intense. Keep it up, you're an inspiration! :)

    Hannah xx

    1. That is okay I really enjoy your instagram, you must put so much effort into yours, unlike mine :p I am not the best at yoga but it is so nice to take some time out for yourself sometimes. Thank you for the suggestions I will have to take a look. xx

  2. I really want to try HIIT, my gym doesn't do anything like it so I'll have to try it at home. I really want to try yoga too! I'm a Nike obsessive when it comes to gym gear as I like it matching my shoes hahah...xx

    Tamz |

    1. I am a Nike obsessive too :o just wish it was a bit cheaper xx

  3. Love this sort of post, it's given me a lot of inspiration and motivation. Keep it up I'd love to see more!
    Shona x

  4. I love fitness related posts, it's great to see someone so active sharing their routine! You should check out Gymshark for fitness wear, they are fantastic! x