Friday, 22 January 2016

Fitness Friday #3 - Finding Workouts I Enjoy

So it is Fitness Friday time again, I actually enjoy writing this post and seeing all of the workouts I have done over this week. This week I was very busy and I had to take two days off to visit a friend. Although I felt guilty at the time in retrospect it is good to take some time off to allow for your body to recover and sometimes time just does not allow you. 

Although I said in last weeks post I was going to make fruit salad due to having to get the train back in the snow I did not have time to get to the supermarket. This also meant that I had to cobble together anything we had in the cupboards to make a soup, which in the end I actually did not like. I put wayyyyyy too much onion in it and I am not actually the biggest fan of onion. Hopefully this weekend I will be a lot more prepared. 

This week I have been doing a lot of yoga after my workouts, although at first I found yoga quite frustrating, I felt like it wasn't fast paced enough. I actually do find it quite relaxing, thinking about nothing is a rarity in this day and age and Adriene has such a soothing voice that I could easily fall asleep in some of the positions, especially the one where you lie on the floor. 

It is important to find workouts that you enjoy, as then it doesn't actually feel like you are working out at all just doing something you enjoy. Whether that is going walking with friends or taking a high energy fitness class. Try and find something you enjoy to get you a little more active. 

After that long ramble. Here is my fitness routine this week: 

Friday and Saturday - nothing :o 

Sunday - 
100 high knees
Bodyweight Cardio and Total Body Toning - Fitness Blender (Omg I was shaking so much after this, an actual killer for such a short workout) 
Yoga Camp Day 16 - Yoga with Adriene 

Monday - 
100 high knees
Hiit That Booty - Lucy Wyndham-Read
I then did a series of yoga moves to stretch out quickly. 

Tuesday - 
3km run (Well technically 3.2km, not my fastest run ever but I blame this on the fact that I did it straight after work and I had the sun in my eyes, although I did my third best 400m time of 2:07)
3 Minute Arm Workout - Lucy Wyndham-Read
Yoga Camp Day 18 - Yoga with Adriene 

Wednesday - 
100 high knees
Calorie Melting and Total Body Chair Workout - Lucy Wyndham-Read (I feel like I have got so much better at this workout, this is the third time I have done this this month)
Yoga Camp Day 19 - Yoga with Adriene 

Thursday - 
100 high knees
Hiit 2016 Workout - Lucy Wyndham-Read (TWICE!!!!! I have got to say I think this is the hardest Lucy video of the workout plan) 
Fitness Blender Cool Down Workout - Fitness Blender 

Sorry for the lack of pictures I am hoping to get some more next week. 

See you soon.


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