Saturday, 9 January 2016

Soap and Glory Sugar Crush Love

As you may be able to guess from the title this is my favourite scent from the Soap and Glory range although I think I like all of the scents from the Soap and Glory range, this is my absolute fave. I just want to write this post to let everyone know how great it is. 

When I saw that there was a Sugar Crush Hand Food and Hand Maid (so sad that the Hand Maid was out of stock...I think I have a problem), I knew I had to write about my love for the scent. 

Soap and Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub 
300ml/£8 - Boots
I think this is the first ever product I bought from the Soap and Glory range. As a big lover of removing fake tan with Soap and Glory exfoliators and this one did not disappoint, it is just as scrubby as the rest of the body scrubs but has a delightful citrus scent to it too. Although the only down side of it is that it only comes in a pit and means that I always end up with water all inside of it. 

Soap and Glory Sugar Crush Buttercream 
300ml/£10 - Boots
Now this is probably the second thing I got from the line as I love the buttercreams they are so thick and moisturising but not too sticky although I would probably just buy this on scent alone it is nice that it is actually a decent moisturiser. 

Soap and Glory Sugar Crush Hand Food
50ml/£2.50 - Boots
This is what started this whole blog post inspiration was when I saw the Sugar Crush Hand Food in Boots I knew I had to have it. Although hand moisturiser is not a product I regularly use but probably should but I love this scent so much that it actually encourages me to use it a bit more. 

What is your favourite Soap and Glory range????? 

See you tomorrow. 


P.S Sorry about the shadows in the pictures. 


  1. No way there is a sugar crush Hand food! I love the original hand food!

    It is by far my favourite product!

    Francesca xxx

    1. Yep there is :o it is so good as well, you have to try xxx

  2. I absolutely LOVE the Sugar Crush range! I got one of the sets in the January sales, and have been using it loads. I just wish they would bring the hand food out in the scent as a permanent item. I'd buy it ALLLLLL the time!