Saturday, 6 February 2016

Fitness February #1

So I know I have already put up a fitness post this week, but I like to put up what workouts I am doing as it makes me more accountable. This week was the start of Lucy's February workout and what I can say is it has definitely stepped up a gear. Doing the workout on Monday three times in a row was a scary prospect but I felt so good after doing it. 

This month Lucy has also put up a three day meal plan and although I will not be following it exactly it is a good idea to think of some new recipe ideas, and also to know how often you should be eating. Will definitely be including a morning snack now too.  

Now this week I though I would try something new I decided to make a carrot and lentil soup, it looked so nice in the recipe so as I scoured the shelves of Asda to find some lentils to make it. Again, I don't know what it is about this soup but I just didn't like it. Even though I have lentil curry before and I have liked that. Next week I think I am going to try my hand at a salad. 

I have also managed to carry on having my fruit salad this week and I have actually started to enjoy preparing it. I have included: pear, grapes, strawberries, blueberries, kiwis and cinnamon and I have actually been really looking forward to eating it.  

So here is my workout routine for last week. I tried a new youtuber this week Jessica Smith Tv and they were so good, very fast and high based and you can really feel the burn. 

Friday - 
100 high knees
Exercise To Lose Weight Fast At Home - JessicaSmithTv (I have never done any workouts by Jessica before but this one went so quickly and is perfect if you don't want to do really high impact cardio) 
6 Minute Thigh Hiit Workout - Lucy Wyndham-Read
Some of my own stretches 

Saturday - 
100 high knees
Kickboxing Cardio For Weight Loss! - PsycheTruth (This included a cool down, if I am being completely honest I didn't really like this workout I found it boring and not that hard so I don't think there will be many benefits for me) 

Sunday - 
Day Off! :D 

Monday - 
100 high knees
240 Rep Workout That Tones That Booty - Lucy Wyndham-Read (Three Times! Was actually really scared about doing this as I thought it would be too intense, although I feel like I have had a good workout I don't feel like I have that I have literally no energy left afterwards) 

Tuesday - 
100 high knees
20-Minute Belly Fat Blasting Cardio Ab Workout - JessicaSmithTv (Wow! This was intense for such a short video, especially those lunges I could definitely feel the burn. This also had a cool down too.) 

Wednesday - 
100 high knees
Hiit and Tone All Over - Lucy Wyndham Read (Wow this is definetly fast, can't wait to try and improve my stamina on this) 
Basic Cool Down Stretches - Lucy Wyndham Read

Thursday - 
100 high knees
12 Minute Snowbunny Hiit - Lucy Wyndham-Read
Get Your Scorpion - PsycheTruth (Although I have never been able to a scorpion, I have come very close, I think I am naturally a bit more flexible, one day I would love to get it so stretching the right muscles is always good) 

See you soon. 


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