Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Latest Beauty Buys

Now everyone loves a good nosy at what people buy. So I thought I would show you a tiny little haul of things that I have purchased recently. If you follow me on instagram (you can find me here) you will know I have decided to take part in #FugalFebruary so this will hopefully be the last one until at least March. If you want to see any #FrugalFebruary content then please comment and let me know. Now on to the haul.... 

I told you it was teeny tiny. So first up is the Soap and Glory One Heck of a Blot, this is a repurchase, the last one I had hit pan a long time ago now and I have been meaning to repurchase it so I am glad I finally have. As opposed to a normal powder that provides coverage this is a blotting powder, which just makes sure that oil is kept at bay. It also means that I can apply it as much as I like and it won't cake up on my face. 

Next up is something a little different for me in brand and type of product. I have never bought anything from Miss Sporty before, well I don't think I have. I also don't own anything like this. It is a purple toned eye shadow quad. On the back it says that it is suitable for green eyes, so I don't know if there are different ones for different eye colours but I love experimenting with the colours with this. 

And lastly after coming towards the end of my Lush Christmas Bath Bombs I thought I would treat myself to a new bath bomb. This is Tisty Tosty and I think this might be part of the Valentine's Day range but I am not 100% sure. As I am yet to try it I can't give you any more detail. Sorry. 

So thats the end of my little haul. Let me know what you have bought recently below. 

See you soon. 



  1. Miss Sporty nail polishes are soooo good! Literally one of the best for price and quality. x

  2. I wasn't a huge fan of that bathbomb, I hated cleaning all the flowers up! I am desperate for a new bag powder, need to check the S&G shade range! x

    Tamz |